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Building Better Businesses: Altruism by Design

Mill Collective, Plant Seven, Floor 1
HPMKT Shuttle Stop: 27 (Red Line)

‘Altruism by Design' focuses on understanding the role our values & belief systems play in how we operate professionally–as much as personally–and how these truths inherently impact the way we make choices in our businesses & professions. 
Through taking a 360 holistic approach to sustainability, we focus in on how we all can be better at walking the walk - we do, or wish, we talked. Especially as creative leaders setting the tone for leadership in any of our industries for the 21st century. We will explore methods for embracing & unveiling what really matters to us through encouraging ourselves to double down on our value systems while challenging our audiences or consumer bases to follow suit. 
This workshop is about building better businesses AND killing it w/ kindness.

Speaker: Gretchen Jones